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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Welcome: Orlando Tech Nuts

Alright, I've been threatening to start a blog for some time now, so here it is: Orlando Tech Nuts. Voila!

"Where'd you come up with that clever little title?" you may ask. Well, it's simple really:

Orlando - for where I live and work;
Tech (staffing) - for what I do; and,
Nuts - for what I'm called by my Kforce team.

(We'll skip the obvious part about me being "nuts" for Orlando technology, etcetera, etcetera.)

Not bad, eh? It seems like a good fit, so we'll go with it. I came up with it tonight while I was putting my son to sleep, and now I'm up way too late writing this inaugural post and formatting my blog...all thanks to my OCD brain. But I digress...

Okay, so what about doing business with someone whose colleagues refer to her as "Nuts?" (Seriously, my VP doesn't know who's calling if I say, "Hi, it's Alysia," and my Director has been known to introduce me to clients as "Alysia Hazelnuts." Um, it's Hazelton, people, Alysia Hazelton.)

Actually, I consider the moniker a compliment of sorts, especially when you consider the following:

1) It typically takes someone who is a "special kind of crazy" to really succeed in this business; and,

2) I am, admittedly, a little bit nuts.

Note: I like to think that being just a little bit "nuts" is part of my charm, rather than an impediment, but it's still up for debate in the Kforce bullpen, so I'll leave it to you to form your own opinion as you get to know me.

Nuts or not, now I have a blog, and no one can stop me! Without a doubt, I am looking forward to having a forum for sharing the fun that goes on at "The Force" and with my great clients and candidates. Naturally, I'll also delve into some of the more serious elements like the Orlando tech-conomy (just made that up!), our local candidate market, and challenges in technology staffing.

At the very least, I'm excited to have a place to share news and events with my clients, candidates, and colleagues...both current and future. So, whether you work with me now or I cold-called you this morning, thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you again soon!

And, as always, may the Kforce be with you.