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Thursday, May 28, 2009

After nearly three wonderful years with KForce, I'm packing up my desk....

And relocating with the rest of the KForcers to our new office in Maitland!!! (What, did you other firms think you were finally rid of me?? So sorry to disappoint!)

Today marks the last day in our quasi-fabulous office downtown and it is one of mixed emotions. One one hand, I'm sad to say "goodbye" to the place where I got my start and learned what it really meant to be obnoxious and pushy...and to help people. I fondly remember my interview at KForce (one where I arrived 15 minutes late because I went to the wrong building...SunTrust, AmSouth...same difference), my first candidate interview (where the candidate had a seizure and I thought I was being punked so I just sat there and giggled), my first "team" meeting where a disgruntled KForcer (no longer with us) threw a chair because he wasn't happy with his ISM list, my first experience with lay-offs (where I was the last man and least tenured person standing), and my first placement (and subsequent first HR showdown). I will never forget the many natural disasters that we have faced in this building (fires, floods...seriously, folks) and I will always remember the time I got stuck in the elevator fondly. Or not. I will miss the scary (female) building manager with the mullet, having to pay for parking ($75.00 a month!!), and the continuous fire drills (that didn't involve nice looking firefighters), and getting locked in the stairwell for nearly an hour.

Ahhhhhh memories.

I will miss the happy hours-true story. I am fortunate to work with a great group of people and many a happy hour have been enjoyed (and much needed) after stressful (but fun!) days at "The Force."

After cleaning out my desk, it is amazing what a person can accumulate over the course of a few years. Some fun artifacts that were discovered include: a full Lenox set of serving utensils (I'm talking six pieces, people, and two cake servers), a wine bottle opener (actually, that can probably be explained rather easily...I do work at KForce after all), tanning lotion (I'm Irish, yet still so disillusioned), three belts, one pair of shoes, glasses (I wasn't aware I wear glasses), pictures of cats (yet I own zero cats), and a small child. Kidding about the child. Maybe. Cleansing my cube office of clutter took far longer than I expected...four hours to be exact, but now I feel ready to go and get a fresh start in Maitland.

All kidding aside, I am excited about the move to Maitland (even though I have no idea where to take my happy hour tomfoolery). Our "scouts" spent a lot of time searching for great office space that will be both convenient for our clients and candidates...and more economical for all. (read: free parking for candidates and KForcers) The space should be finished this Sunday (just in time for us on Monday) and will be a welcomed change. We can now bid farewell to our call center-ish looking space and embrace something much more classy. Regardless of this location change, KForce is going strong and still striving to be the firm most respected by those we serve. We have three healthy business lines in Orlando (and now Jacksonville, too) and have some great people spreading the good word 24/7.

Our new address is:

2301 Lucien Way
Suite 130
Maitland, FL 32751


I promise: Though the new digs do not boast the beautiful view of I-4, nothing else is changing. The same awesome talent remains and we hope that even though we are trekking it to suburbia, you will come see us for all of your career/staffing needs.


The Mighty Will said...

How are you going to pack all of that up?

Like: CIO Magazine, Demotivation mini-poster, Cisco VOIP Phone, and your "cut them loose" statement.

Dis-Like: Coffee-maker! Ack!

Anonymous said...

"...glasses (I wasn't aware I wear glasses), pictures of cats (yet I own zero cats), and a small child. Kidding about the child. Maybe. "

OMG that's just disturbingly funny.