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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Friday Funny - Corporate Isn't Always Professional

I recently got an email from a co-worker on our Finance and Accounting team. It was written by her brother, an engineer with a large company here in Orlando. I thought his sentiments on 'life in the cube' were very funny and needed to be passed along:

"Given that I have a “great” job as an engineer, my mom questions my desire to open a restaurant. Recently, she said, “Don’t you want to work with people who are smart and professional? You should surround yourself with people who are as smart as or smarter than you, that way you can become smarter by learning from each other.”

So my cubicle area is very quiet, and, this morning. the professional guy next to me got hold of some bubble wrap. He decided it would be a good idea to pop each and every bubble, one by one for 20 minutes. In fact, he's still at it right now. Not just that, he's now laid the bubble wrap on the table and has started to pound them with his fist. My monitor is shaking as well as those on all of the adjacent desks.

Now ask yourself: Do these seem like the actions of an intelligent, professional person? Don’t get me wrong, if I got my hands on some bubble wrap, I would do the same - but not at my desk while wearing my white, collared shirt, with my fancy shoes and dry cleaned slacks.

And, trust me, this is not an isolated incident. I think I’m better off wrapping pitas with and for college students."

He does, in fact, have a point: "Corporate" and "Professional" are not necessarily synonymous, and, I daresay, anyone who thinks otherwise probably has a private office.

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