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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Two Sides of the Job Search Coin: Keeping the Job You Get; Learning from the Ones You Don't

During his most recent Good Day Tampa Bay appearances, our resident staffing expert, Jason Maroney, discussed two sides of the job search coin: 1) Keeping the job you get; and, 2) learning from the ones you don't. (That's probably not the most eloquent way to describe these two interview outcomes, but it's the best I could do today.)

Regardless, I think that the information that Jason provides is very important for candidates who are actively job hunting. I've included links to his TV spots for your viewing pleasure.

What happens if you don't get the job?

It may be tough, but learning to accept rejection is part of the job hunting process. As Jason Maroney of Kforce explained on Good Day, even if you don't get the job, you can still learn from the experience.

You got the job-- now keep it.

So you've landed that job you've been dreaming of? Now it's time to make sure you keep it. We talked with Jason Maroney of Kforce who offered some tips for how to impress when you kick off your new career.

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